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Mrs. Faske's Classroom

Welcome to Mrs. Faske's Classroom!

Room 108

Phone # 979-968-4800 x 6108



Conference Period:

8:15- 9:10am 


Classes currently taught:

PreAP World Geography - 9th Grade

AP World History - 10th Grade

Sociology -- Fall Semester -- 12th Grade

Psychology -- Spring Semester -- 12th Grade



Classroom Rules or the “BE Attitudes”

BE Punctual.  Tardies are considered a disruption to the learning environment.  Students are expected to be in class and seated when the tardy bell rings. Stay in your seat until you are dismissed.

BE Respectful.  Intolerant or disrespectful remarks regarding other people’s views or opinion, culture, or lifestyle is not an acceptable behavior in class. Respect the property of others.

BE Prepared.  Come to class ready to work and have all the necessary supplies (pen, binder, etc.) on hand. Make sure you’ve taken the time before class to take care of your personal needs.


BE Focused.  Be ready to participate in class.  No cell phones allowed out during class, unless given permission by the teacher to use it for an assignment.


Updating Student Grades

I will be updating grades on a weekly basis. Typically, I will update grades on Monday evening. Grades will then be updated at midnight by our school system. Please note that the updating of grades will depend on the type of assignment. For example, essays and journals take longer to grade compared to the daily work. Also, projects may take longer to grade as well. In addition, please note that just as in the workforce in which all businesses operate on different schedules and requirements, the same applies to our classrooms. Please do not compare what is being graded in my classroom to other teachers'. If there is any confusion on my grading policies or assignments, please see my section on each subject for detailed grading information. Also, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding grades or assignments. 



Students need to come see me to schedule time for tutoring.

I am available in my room before school from 7:45 – 8:15am, if you have any questions.



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