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Early release:  If your child is to be released early, please send a note stating the time and date of the release.  Your child will then get a blue slip from Mr. Harbers in the cafeteria before school.  He/she will show the blue slip the teacher and come to the office and sign out.  Please refrain from calling the office to release your child.  Failure to obtain a blue slip will result in a tardy.
Tardy:  If your child is tardy to school in the morning or after lunch he/she will come to the office and sign in.  A tardy slip will be given the student so he/she can be admitted to class.  There are no excused tardies after lunch.  
Blue slips:  If your child has an absence please send a note the day of their return to school.  He/she will then go to the cafeteria before school to obtain a blue slip from Mr. Harbers.  Failure to get the blue slip before school will result in a tardy.  If your child forgets the note he/she still needs to get the blue slip before school.  The note can be turned in at a later date.
Attendance:  State law requires your child to attend school 90% or the time.  Failure to meet this requirement will result in make up hours.  Make up hours are calculated after each semester.  You will receive a letter informing you of the number of hours your child owes.  Your child can make up hours in extended day study (3:30-4:30, M-F) or during Saturday school (8:00-1:00).
VOE:  The State of Texas requires a child under the age of 18 to obtain a verification of enrollment form when receiving or renewing a driver's license.  Your child must come by my office and sign up for the VOE.  A principal must sign this form.  Therefore please allow 1 school day to receive the VOE.  Please refrain from calling the school and requesting the VOE for your child.  If your child owes make up hours they must be completed before a VOE can be dispensed.