Welcome to La Grange High School - I am the High School Registrar / Secretary. If I can be of assistance to you, please let me know.  I can be reached through the High School Office (979) 968-4800 ext 6154 or by email huenefeldt@lgisd.net.
HOMEWORK REQUESTS -- Your student's homework assignments can be found online under "Students" and "Classes and Homework." If you need further assistance with collecting your student's homework, please feel free to contact Mrs Cook, the HS Office Receptionist at (979) 968-4800 or julie.cook@lgisd.net.  Please note Homework Requests should be done before 11:30 am.
PARENT / TEACHER CONFERENCES -- If you need assistance with scheduling a conference with your student's teachers, please feel free to contact Mrs. Cook, the HS Office Receptionist at (979) 968-4800 or julie.cook@lgisd.net.
CHECKING YOUR STUDENTS GRADES ONLINE -- You can access your student's attendance and grades by clicking on TEAMS Parent Self Serve found under the "Parents" and "Check Students Grades Online" tabs.  Follow the links provided for New and Existing Users.  New Users will need to know the following information... Student First Name, Student Last Name, Student Birthday, Student ID (found on a student schedule or old report card), Parent/Guardian First Name, Parent/Guardian Last Name.  During the process, you will be asked to create your own user ID and password, as well as create your own security question and answer.
STUDENTS MAY CHECK THEIR OWN GRADES ONLINE --  Students can access their own attendance and grades by clicking on Existing Users under the "Students" and "Gradebook Access for Students" tabs.
AFTERSCHOOL TRANSPORTATION CHANGES -- If you need to contact your child to let them know of an afterschool transportation change, please be sure you notify the front office by 2:20 PM.  This will ensure your child is notified before the end of the school day.  If this request involves your child needing a bus pass, please see the important information below regarding bus passes.
BUS PASSES --  If your student needs to be dropped off at a different location for one or two afternoons, the request must be made in writing and sent to the school office at the beginning of the school day so they will have time to process a bus pass.  A bus pass must be obtained from the school office before a student will be allowed to ride a bus other than the one he/she is assigned.  A note from the parent will be required before this pass will be issued.  The note must state what bus the student will ride and must specify the child’s destination address.  The note shall also state at what stop the student is to depart the bus. (Student Handbook page 106) 
For information on bus routes and stops or to designate an alternate pickup or drop-off location, you may contact Mr. John Hunger at 979-968-7020.