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Principal's Message

Dear LHS Student:

            I hope your summer vacation has been enjoyable and that you are looking forward to coming to

La Grange High School for the 2017-2018 school year.  The faculty and I are looking forward to seeing you August 28thOpen House is scheduled for Wednesday, August 23rd from 5 – 7 p.m.

            Enclosed with this letter is a copy of your class schedule for the 2017-2018 school year.  The schedule shows your classes, teachers, and their room numbers.  Some classes that you registered for may not be on your schedule due to scheduling conflicts.  Please review your schedule with your parents (guardians).  If you have any questions, please call our office at 968-4800.  You will follow this schedule the first day of school.  If, for some reason, you need a schedule change in a Math, Science, English or Social Studies class, you may pick up a schedule change form in the high school office.  This form requires a parent signature. There will be no changes of elective classes since the master schedule was built on your choices made in the spring.  Elective class changes can be made at the beginning of the second semester. Only schedule changes in the same academic discipline can be made.  You will have six weeks in order to request a schedule change.

            We will have a seven (7) period day.  The time schedule of the school day will be as follows:

                                                  7:45                Doors open-for all students

                                                  7:50                EOC classes begin (Mid-September 2017)

                                                  8:10                First Bell to go to classes

                                                  8:15 - 9:15      1st Period

                                                  9:20 - 10:10     2nd Period

                                                10:15 - 11:05     3rd Period

                                                11:10 - 11:55     4th Period

                                                11:55 - 12:30     LUNCH

                                                12:35 - 1:30       5th Period

                                                 1:35 - 2:25       6th Period

                                                 2:30 - 3:20       7th Period

            Lunch will be from 11:55-12:30 for all students in grades 9-12.  Lunch prices for high school students will be $2.95 per day.  Juniors and Seniors have the privilege of an open campus with a signed permission form completed by your parent.  Permission forms for this school year will be given out the first day of school and will need to be returned by Wednesday, August 30, 2017.  Please remember that you may only leave campus in vehicles (automobiles or pick-ups).  Students are not allowed to ride on the back of pickup trucks at lunch nor are they allowed to walk or to ride bicycles/motorcycles off campus at lunch.  Please remember that if parking at the high school campus fills up, overflow parking is at the football stadium. If it is necessary for you to park at the stadium, please park in appropriately marked areas.  Freshmen and sophomores must stay on campus at lunch.  

            On the first day when arriving at school, we ask that you go into the cafeteria to sit and visit or eat breakfast.  At 8:10 the first bell will ring which allows you to go to 1st period class.                                                 

            Students who ride the bus to school will be dropped off at the high school breezeway each morning.  Bus riders in the afternoon will need to wait in the breezeway area until their regular bus arrives to pick up students.

            Any student taking Cosmetology will be bused to class and back again.  Students will board the bus at the breezeway.

            Please remember to be in dress code the first day of school and we also ask that you review the overall dress code prior to the first day of classes so that you are compliant with the code and do not have to return home for a change of clothing.  The code can be accessed on the LGISD website www.lgisd.net.

As recommended by the La Grange ISD District Performance Team and the LHS Campus Advisory Team, LHS will continue to implement the following as well as the Dress Code specified in the Student Handbook for this school year:

  • No holes, tears or frayed areas anywhere on jeans, pants, slacks or shorts. Students will no longer be able to simply tape over holes or tears in jeans, pants, slacks or shorts.
  • No facial hair.
  • Dresses, blouses, or shirts that are sheer and/or expose bare shoulders must have a strap of at least two (2) inches in width. Also, no undergarments are allowed to show.
  • Shorts must have a straight hemline. Shorts with curved or split hemlines will no longer be acceptable in the dress code.
  • Students will have to be in compliance with the dress code at all extracurricular events sponsored by the school including banquets held at the end of the school year.
  • Cell phones may not be seen or heard in the building from 7:45 a.m. through 3:20 p.m. Your parent must come in to pick up the phone if it is taken up.  A $5.00 fee for the first offense and a $10.00 fee for each offense thereafter will be assessed.

            We are looking forward to a great school year.  See you August 28th!  If you have any questions about school, please call the high school office.



John Pineda


La Grange High School